Phobia Paris offers a completely new escape Game concept.

We want to surprise you with some incredible special effects and spectacular designs.
In our rooms you will find original and ingenious mechanisms adding a certain fluency to the game.
Immersion is the key word at Phobia Paris. No series of padlocks, no riddles “out of the nowhere”, or any chronometers.
A lot of manipulations, and actions to perform as a team allowing you to live a breathtaking adventure from the beginning to the end.

Adrenaline and “wooow” effects await you!


The live escape game is an activity designed for 2-5 people.
Locked in an unbelievably well decorated room, you will have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and logical sequences to escape from the room.
No specific knowledge is required, or any physical strength. The games simply require your imagination, logic, savviness, afterthought and getting your mind out of the box.
Each room has a unique and extremely immersive decor.
To enhance your extraordinary experience, special mechanisms and sounds effects were specifically installed.

– Room LOFT 13: from 1 to 2 people maximum
– Room HOUDINI: from 2 to 4 people maximum
– Room DA VINCI: from 2 to 5 people maximum
– Room LES DISPARUS: from 2 to 5 people maximum
– ALICE Room: from 3 to 5 players maximum

Only in the case of privatization of our 5 game rooms, we will be able to accommodate 26 people simultaneously.

For additional people, additional fees will be applied.

YES, All our rooms are available in English!

You can make your reservation directly on our website, and specify that you wish to play in English !

For the room “DA VINCI”, “LOFT 13” and “LES DISPARUS” “ALICE” you lock yourself in a room but don’t worry there are no spaces too small.

We remind you that for the room ” HOUDINI ” each participant starts tied up.

Also know that each room has an emergency button in case of need and a Game Master will accompany you by video throughout your journey.

The scenarios “DA VINCI”, “HOUDINI” “ALICE” are not scary! They will only increase the pressure to stress the urgency to get out of the playing area.

On the other hand, “LOFT 13” and “LES DISPARUS” will plunge you into an atmosphere of horror to give you a completely different experience!

– Room “DA VINCI”: The minimum age is 10 years old accompanied by an adult or 14 years old unaccompanied.

– Room ” HOUDINI “: The minimum age is 12 years old accompanied by an adult or 15 years old unaccompanied.

– Room “LES DISPARUS”: The minimum age is 14 years old accompanied by an adult or 16 years old unaccompanied.

– Room “LOFT 13”: The minimum age is 16 years old.

– Room ” ALICE “: The minimum age is 12 accompanied by an adult or 14 years old unaccompanied.

As a rule, escape games are unsuitable for teams made up exclusively of children or teenagers because of the complexity of the puzzles to be solved. However, it is possible to involve children in a team composed mainly of adults.

Please note that our Da Vinci Code room is the most suitable room for groups of children.

Our reception area located on the ground floor and the “LOFT 13” room have been designed to be accessible to people with reduced mobility.

All other game rooms are unfortunately not accessible to wheelchair users.

The room price does not depend on the number of players, it is a fixed rate for the game session.

– Room ” DA VINCI ” :

Off-peak hours: 100 euros

Full hours: 120 euros

– Room ” HOUDINI “:

Off-peak hours: 100 euros

Full hours: 120 euros

-Missing room. -Missing room:

Off-peak hours: 100 euros

Full hours: 120 euros

– Room ” ALICE “:

Off-peak hours: 100 euros

Full hours: 120 euros

– Room ” LOFT 13″:

Off-peak hours : 70 euros

Full hours: 70 euros

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The booking is made through our online platform. It allows you to check our availabilities per mission (real time updated) and to book one or several missions at the same time.

Phobia Escape Game is a Live event, once booked, your sessions cannot be cancelled.

Conditions of modification: You have the possibility to modify your reservation at the latest 1 week before your game session; after this deadline no modification will be possible and 100% of the amount will be charged.

We can host any type of event.

We have a 50 m² (538ft²)  event space that can be privatised.

Private individuals: Birthday, Bachelor party, proposal etc.

Professional: team building, company parties, cocktails, informal evenings.

If you would like more information about our event offers, please contact us directly by email at:

Gift cards are on sale in our premises or on our website.

The validity of the gift card is 1 year from the date of purchase.

Plan around 1h20 on site. You have 60 minutes for the mission but around 10 minutes of briefing and 10 minutes of debriefing and taking pictures.

We are located at 127, rue Jeanne d’Arc 75013 Paris.

Subway: Campo-Formio Ligne 5 & Nationale Ligne 6 – (Add 2 minutes to walk)
Austerlitz Train Station Ligne 10 & RER C – (Add 12 minutes to walk)

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